Here are some reasons why you should check a provider's testimonials before hiring them

Finding endorsements and client reviews for disability service providers was challenging before Google reviews or web directories.

When you choose to work with a Plan Manager, you will be collaborating directly with them so they can oversee your finances, make payments to your providers, and handle financial reporting on your behalf. It's crucial to choose a Plan Manager who you can trust because they will be in charge of handling a significant portion of your NDIS funding when you hire them.

In this blog, we explain how finding the ideal Plan Manager can be facilitated by doing your homework and reading testimonials and customer reviews about disability service providers from actual NDIS participants.

Why is it important to read testimonials?

On their websites, the majority of NDIS registered Plan Managers (like Disability Plan Services) will provide these details. What you won't discover, though, are first-person accounts from actual clients, whose testimonials and reviews will be able to inform you of things like:

One of the best ways to get an honest response about these four factors is through online reviews, such as those posted on a provider's Google Business profile.

Disability Plan Services client testimonials

Disability Plan Services is dedicated to giving NDIS participants the highest calibre of customer service.Don't just take our word for it—hear what some of our customers have to say about how happy they are with our plan management services. You're not just have to take our word for it; discover how satisfied some of our clients are with our plan management services.


Desley started perusing provider reviews after learning that her husband Peter had early onset dementia in an effort to find a plan manager who would suit their requirements. Desley became perplexed after learning nothing beforehand about the difficulties of NDIS funding and made the decision to contact Disability Plan Services for help with plan management.

When we learned of [Peter's] diagnosis, it was a very trying time, and I found utilising the NDIS and paying providers to be an additional source of stress during an already trying time.

Desley and Peter contacted Disability Plan Services to arrange for their payments to service providers like occupational therapists and personal caregivers as well as help them make better use of Peter's NDIS plan.

"I felt it was the right choice after meeting Jack from Disability Plan Services," the person said.. We were weighing our options with a few Plan Managers. The first Plan Manager to correctly approach Peter and express a sincere desire to assist was Jack.

Desley claims that during their time with Disability Plan Services, one particular incident stands out to her as evidence of Jack's skill as a plan manager.

"I contacted Disability Plan Services for home nursing assistance as soon as possible.". Jack set up a nurse to come to our door within 24 hours and made sure the entire procedure was covered by our NDIS budget. Knowing that they have our backs and can help us out when we need it is really nice.


Georgina is the devoted mother of two kids, who are all covered by NDIS plans. Georgina was not aware of the amount of funds each of her children was qualified for prior to using Disability Plan Services' plan management services, and she was even ignorant that she had been given a budget for certain items her children required.

Lisa oversees both of Georgina's children's plans, working closely with the family to make sure they fully comprehend the funding they are given.

According to Georgina, "I had no idea that the NDIS plan for my kids included assistance for transportation." Lisa and the team at Disability Plan Services spent time going through all the details of the kids' plans and potential uses for the funds. Prior to this, I was just informed of the general amount of money that was left over without knowing exactly how much money I had for each support. Lisa, however, sat down with me and thoroughly explained everything.

The quick and welcoming service provided by Lisa and the Disability Plan Services team stands out to Georgina as well."Disability Plan Services answers my phone right away. I receive a prompt response when I email them, too," says Georgina. Lisa is fantastic. She was aware of it the moment I entered the Disability Plan Services office and met with her. She’s been very good and very friendly. Best service, 10 out of 10.”

Click here to read more testimonials from actual customers like Desley and Georgina.

Disability Plan Services has many satisfied clients.

In everything we do at Disability Plan Services, relationships are at the center. We think that everyone needs a little help from people they know and trust in order to achieve their life goals.Our team members are more than just service providers for the NDIS Plan Management. We are your reliable allies as you navigate the NDIS.

You can rest easy knowing that our Plan Managers are giving you the best one-on-one support possible thanks to a 4.7 star rating on Google and a plethora of positive testimonials on our website. Call us at 0478 574 837 or send an email to to learn more.

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