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What is NDIS Short Term Accommodation & Assistance?

NDIS Short-Term Accommodation in Melbourne and Assistance (STAA), formerly known by another name, is short-term housing in a house that is accessible to people with disabilities. We can help if you need a temporary place to stay. The stay is created with different age groups in mind to provide maximum comfort and convenience in a secure setting. Families and careers may relax knowing that their loved ones are supported and cared for.

You are welcome to stay for a day, an evening, a week, or even longer! Our professional support team will take care of participants with care and consideration, providing you with peace of mind, whether they need help with daily tasks individually or want to spend time with them at one of our many planned events. We serve freshly prepared breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with staff on duty around-the-clock. Every dietary requirement can be met.

Reliable Short-Term Accommodation in Melbourne

If you have any special requirements, do inform us in advance. Additionally, our short-term accommodations (STA) can support participant autonomy while letting family and caregivers unwind and take a break from their regular schedules. Additionally, it may present an opportunity for you to make new friends and learn about novel experiences. We're here to make everyone's time on vacation enjoyable, regardless of their degree of comfort. Because we adopt an individualized approach, your stay will be catered to your unique interests and requirements. Although activities may be flexible, they will be planned with your objectives, growth, and skill sets in mind. Supported Living Services is aware of the difficulty that comes with change.

Our disability staff in Melbourne will therefore make sure you receive the assistance you require. The apartment has a combined kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom in addition to bedrooms that are completely furnished. For additional details about our lodging options in the Greater Melbourne region, get in touch with us as we are always updating your hostel. Do you want to go before you go on vacation? Before your stay, you can meet a member of the Supported Living Services staff so they can show you around.

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