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Our mission at Supported Living Services is to support and empower people by offering the best caliber of care and assistance. To that end, we offer complicated support, medium-term housing, short-term housing, and supported independent living (SIL). In light of this, you decide, and we provide services in South of Perth, West of Melbourne, and South East of and Melbourne the surrounding areas flexible and trustworthy NDIS relief!

Assist with Personal Activities

When a participant owns their own house and/or is solely or primarily responsible for its maintenance, assist them in taking on the task and/or developing the necessary skills. includes helping the participant with simple household and yard activities.

Community Participation

Including supervised going out to eat, going to the doctor, attending sporting and recreational events, going out with friends or meeting new ones, traveling, taking public transportation, and gaining social and self-confidence.

Support Coordination

Support Coordinators assist you in comprehending your strategy, making it active, and locating the services and goods most suited to your particular requirements. The main goal of support coordination is to improve your capacity for managing and directing your own services. It is intended to assist you in navigating the NDIS and learning more about it.

Household and Yard Maintenance

Completing necessary household and/or yard tasks that the participant is unable to complete

Assist with Personal Self-Care Activities

Helping with and/or overseeing everyday tasks to help the participant learn how to live as independently as feasible.

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