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We are all aware that life does not always go as planned. You may need to move out of home for a while; your carer may suddenly fall ill; you may have a medical procedure that takes a long time to recover from; or you may need to take a break quickly.

Whatever happens, you should always have a safe place to live where you can thrive. Experiencing a different environment away from home is also beneficial because it allows you to try new things while your carer takes a break.

In this situation, short-term accommodation (STA) and medium-term accommodation (MTA) can be helpful. Both are NDIS-provided disability accommodation services. Here's an overview of these types of accommodations and how they may meet your support needs.

What is STA and MTA?

NDIS short-term accommodation is a place for people with disabilities to stay for up to 14 days. If you are an NDIS participant, you may be able to access STA through your plan's Core Supports ('Short Term Accommodation and Assistance' now replaces what was previously known as'respite').



NDIS medium term accommodation gives NDIS participants a place to stay for a short period of time while they prepare to move into their permanent home. It is NDIS-funded for up to 90 days and can be used in the following situations::

STA and MTA with Supported Living Services

Need a place to stay? Looking for a vacation and want to stay somewhere where you'll be well taken care of? We’ve got you covered!

The modern STA and MTA apartments at Supported Living Services provide support and comfort, as well as the opportunity to participate in capacity building programmes, learn life skills, make new friends, and participate in social activities.

Our self-contained units are:

Our team is made up of a friendly group of passionate and experienced support workers who provide a high level of care.

Supported Living Services currently has modern and fully accessible SDA apartments available in Parramatta, Merrylands, Blacktown, Quakers Hill, Carlingford, Pendle Hill, Mount Druitt, and Peakhurst. Download our pamphlets from the links below for additional details.

Merrylands brochure

Schofields brochure

Do you want to learn more about the differences between medium and short-term housing? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about NDIS funding for MTA and STA.

Who is eligible for STA or MTA accommodation?

The NDIS funds STA and MDA, making temporary accommodation and respite care more affordable and accessible to Australians with disabilities.

STA can be accessed as respite through your NDIS Core budget, allowing your primary carer to take a break from their duties. You must be able to prove that your requirement for a temporary accommodation is due to your handicap and that it will support your goal-setting and community involvement.

Medium-term housing is covered by the NDIS's Home and Living Supports programme. To qualify for medium-term housing, you must:

What is the process for applying for an NDIS STA or MTA?

If you believe you require short or medium-term accommodation, contacting your NDIS support coordinator or planner is a good place to start. They will go over what you require and the next steps.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, we're pleased to talk with you and explain how NDIS funding for respite and transitional housing works. Please call us at 1300 73 6603.

What help will I get if I stay in STA and MTA?

STA and MTA are designed to meet each person's unique support needs, allowing them to live independently and enjoy life. Supported Living Services 's facilities provide a variety of services, including

What can I do if I remain in STA and MTA?

Staying in temporary housing can also provide an excellent opportunity to continue working toward your goals and become more self-sufficient in daily life while receiving plenty of support. You'll also be able to receive assistance in your community rather than an aged care facility or hospital ward, allowing you to remain close to your usual support network.

We provide many chances for capacity building, skill development, and making new friends while residing with us at Supported Living Services.. This could include:

Is STA synonymous with respite?

Respite is a component of short-term housing, which provides the chance to spend some time apart from your typical residence so that both you and your carer can take a break. This could be done alone with one-on-one attention or in a group setting.It's frequently financed to give you the chance to try new things or in cases where your regular carer isn't accessible.

How long does short-term and medium-term lodging last?

Short-term NDIS funding is available for up to 14 days at a time (usually 28 days total throughout the year), while medium-term funding is available for up to 90 days.

Can I stay in medium-term housing for an extended period of time if necessary?

If it becomes apparent that you need the accommodation for a longer amount of time due to certain circumstances, the NDIS may in some situations finance medium-term housing for longer (Your builder estimates that the renovations to your long-term residence will take 100 days, or you must wait 120 days for your specially adapted home.), but there will be no vacancy for 120 days).

For the NDIS to consider funding a longer stay, you must provide evidence that you require medium-term accommodation for more than 90 days.

How do I locate a STA or MTA service provider in Australia?

It can be difficult to choose the best supplier of short- or medium-term housing because there are so many options available. It's crucial to pick a partner with whom you feel at ease and who can accommodate your particular needs while assisting you in achieving your objectives. You can get assistance from your local MTA or STA provider by contacting your NDIS support coordinator.

Supported Living Services provides high quality STA and MTA that supports each person’s individual needs.Please contact us for additional details about the possibilities available in your neighborhood.

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