NDIS Specialist Support Coordination

Do you need NDIS Specialist Support Coordination for your child?

As a parent or guardian of a child with a disability, you know your little one's unique needs better than anyone else. You might be eligible for NDIS Specialist Support Coordination if your child requires a high level of care on a daily basis. The purpose of this article is to explain what Specialist Support Coordination is, and how to determine whether your child qualifies for this type of NDIS Service Provider support.

What exactly is NDIS Specialist Support Coordinating?

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination is a higher degree of support that is designed to minimize the complexity of the support environment of a person. This helps the person overcome any obstacles that hinder their access to assistance.

A specialist support coordinator will create a support plan for your child's specific needs , addressing any complicated obstacles or needs for care when the need is.

The three stages of assistance coordination people may be eligible for. They are:-

The Supported Living Services gives a useful overview of the services for different levels of Registered NDIS Provider and is accessible here.



How do I determine if my child requires the assistance of a specialist Helping Coordinator?

Specialist Support is a funded category of the Capacity Building budget of an approved NDIS plan. It may be required for your child to undergo at least one of the following conditions to be eligible for:

I believe my child requires NDIS Specialist Support Coordination. What do I do now?

If your child receives support coordination and you believe they could benefit from support coordination by a specialist there are a few steps to consider.

The first step is to begin collecting any documentation or evidence that pertains to your child's requirements and obstacles to support. This can be done by speaking with the support coordinator for your child as well as allied health and medical professionals , and request their suggestions.

Sometimes, a person could benefit from temporary appointment of an experienced support coordinator who can come up with a strategy to eliminate their obstacles to accessing services prior to transitioning back to the initial support coordinator It's crucial to keep in touch with them frequently to ensure that they're with you and your child at every step of the way.

Once you've collected sufficient evidence and documentation to support your claim, you are able to request a review of your plan. The NDIS Service Providers participants review their plans before the scheduled reassessment date , if there are any changes that need to be made.

In the event that your child doesn't receive support coordination as part of the plan they're on, take the same steps above: collate evidence and documentation proving the reason why they'd be benefited from Specialist Support from the NDIS coordination as well as request for a review of the plan.

The way NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator is beneficial to caregivers and parents

When your child is placed to the right degree of support whether that's an individual support coordinator or a specialist support coordinator there's a chance that your child will feel lift over your shoulder. Why? When a person has the right combination of both formal and informal support this means they're more likely to develop more independence and will work towards their goals. This also means that as a parent, you're not wasting your time performing tasks that an assistant coordinator might have to complete. It can save you time in tasks like trying to maximize the money your child has or trying to get access to the services of mainstream and community organizations, which means you'll be able to spend more time doing things that you love doing - such as spending time with your child.

Can Disability Plan Services help?

Yes we can! We offer participants assistance with pre-planning meetings, disability plan reviews, complex case management, and regular support coordination as part of our NDIS support coordination services.

Our plan management services include paying all service providers, liaising directly with the NDIS, keeping track of your spending and more. Because we keep you informed of your spending in a language you understand, many of our clients think of us as their own personal NDIS accountant.

Contact us today by calling 0478 574 837 or sending an email to www.supportedlivingservices.com.au if you're looking for a Specialist Support Coordinator or plan management services from a Registered NDIS Provider.

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